Harness the power of cutting-edge interdisciplinary techniques to eliminate the bottleneck of microbial and endotoxin detection in your company!

Say Goodbye to Conventional Methods of Microbial Detection

We are introducing a revolutionary microbial detection system that provides gold standard detection of pathogens for F&B, water, consumer goods and pharmaceutical products in real time.

By combining cutting edge technologies from more than six disciplines, our microbial detection system extracts and traps the pathogenic microbes from your product and provides specific and quantitative results at single-cell level within minutes.

Our early partners in F&B, water, FMCG and pharmaceutical industries are loving our prototype and are using it to quickly detect microbial pathogens in their raw materials and finished products.

Businesses are able to monitor microbial pathogens continuously in their processing line, which allows early detection of pathogens at critical points in the supply chain and manufacturing line. This will enable you to take early action to mitigate inventory loss and manufacture contaminant free end products with unprecedented confidence.

One Powerful Product, Multiple Awesome Features!

Real time

Our test provides results almost in real time as compared to days using conventional methods of microbial testing


Entire test can be performed on-site without any pre-enrichment step. This eliminates the need for maintaining a dedicated lab.

Gold standard

Quantitative results without compromising on specificity and accuracy with the limit of detection as low as 1 CFU/25g

cost effective

Our solution is as pocket friendly as the conventional methods of microbial detection.


Our test can be customized to detect HPC, indicator organisms & specific pathogens according to need

user friendly

Our solution is highly user-friendly and can be easily performed by untrained professionals.


Exclusive Opportunity to Accelerate & Simplify Microbial Detection

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