The World's First Solution For

Gold-Standard Microbial
Detection In Minutes

BIOPSIN’s next-gen solution for microbial detection will enable industries to detect pathogens in their products almost in real-time instead of days or weeks without compromising on the gold-standard limit of detection offered by the conventional method. It consists of a hardware device and a disposable unit. 

Device Design


The solution is designed such that the entire microbial detection process – from start to finish (i.e. from adding the sample to collecting the waste) – takes place entirely in the disposable unit. This design was critical to avoid contamination and to use this solution outside a lab with minimal training.


The hardware unit enables all of the processes in the disposable unit from homogenising, purifying, pumping, detection – all the way to data analysis and producing the results. The user has to just add the sample in the disposable unit and the hardware unit takes over.  


A team of world's smartest people is working hard at BIOPSIN to bring this technology from lab to market. BIOPSIN's unique technology is developed ab initio by combining cutting edge innovations from half-a-dozen disciplines. It is a long-awaited indispensable solution developed with the aim to transform microbial detection across industries including yours!

Harness the power of cutting edge interdisciplinary techniques to eliminate the problem of microbial detection in your organisation!

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